Leave The Money On The Nightstand

Posted by: Lee Gaines, President on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It was a long night, a year actually, as your club president. Hopefully, you’re happy, or at least satisfied, with my performance. The time from July to June was both fast and slow, but overall I feel as though I accomplished what needed to be accomplished; a nice bump in membership, a steady offering of programs and an ADDY program that combined with everything else sets the club on a path for continued success.

Of course I couldn’t have done it without the help of some great people like; Peter Baxter, Laura Brookhardt, Laura Buchlot, Brad Bryan, Deborah Carr, Jennifer Duncan, Nairn Gillet, Anna Foster, Cara Klein, Deanna Langer, Kay Mathers, Lindsey Nickel-de la O, Jennifer Panntich and Pedro Perez.

Whether chair, committee member or enthusiastic volunteer they all contributed to the organizations success this year. Thank you, thank you all for your help.

Now in my final month I am excited about several things. One, we have a really great speaker, Christy Amador of Coca-Cola this week. Two, we had local winners at the national ADDY level. Three, the fact that member Guy Wehman of WENG stepped up to lead the club for the next year as president. And finally, I will continue to serve on the board as both past-president and ADDY chair, and I am already excited about the committee team that has formed thus far.

If you’d like to meet the board members and Guy Wehman I suggest you attend that great speaking event I mentioned with Christy Amador on June 16th. If you’d like to join Guy’s team visit our website to learn more.

As for local, national ADDY winner’s check out the list below;

Professional Silver Winners

Book Design, Ringling College Design Center, Sarasota, FL
Entry: Ringling College Office of Admissions - Admissions Viewbook

Card, Invitation or Announcement Campaign, Ringling College Design Center - Sarasota, FL
Entry: AtLarge - PINC Conference

Student Gold

Animation or Special Effects, Jacob Ferguson + Adrian Pumarejo - Ringling College of Art + Design
Entry: The Invisible Truth

Student Silver

Animation or Special Effects, Jacob Ferguson, Ringling College
Entry: Jacob Ferguson 2016 Demo Reel

View Entire National Winner’s List


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