Posted by: Guy Wehman, President on Monday, July 4, 2016

Founded in 1951, as a club we have reached 65!

I am honored to be your president for the upcoming year and proud to be among those who have served in the area of leadership - and - along with your board look forward to advancing the club in the weeks and months ahead.

Having just returned from the District 4 Leadership Conference, I can report that the Governor, The Grand Poobah Himself - Barry Wallace, sends his regards and wishes us well as he does for the other clubs in D4. He along with the Executive Committee of D4 have given all the clubs goals and challenges to be met, most of which are being accomplished. On a lighter side - I can tell you that we have a great and fun year planned.

Did you know that the Distinctive "A" for the ADDYs and the ADDYs themselves originated in D4?

A focus or theme for the year will be (re)building relationships past, present and future. Also, anticipating the monthly meetings, connecting with fellow creatives and meeting new members.

Another sub-theme, yet very much important is Fun! I recall, 30 years ago, setting aside the date(s) for the monthly Ad Club meetings just to meet up with those I haven't seen in the last month; rejoicing in their victories, being a comfort in their losses; perhaps after a meeting going out to play golf, going out on a boat or back at one of our offices to discuss a possible collaboration or just to hang out. (Psst - won a few awards as a result.) I can remember a few speakers, yet the relationships and the memories of the fun have lasted.

Finally, get your social media skills game on! Facebook, Twitter, Insta-What?, Snap-Blab?, Picta-Who? Cardboard? There will be a few meetings this year discussing social media and we have events planned along the way that will challenge us all to explore and use it further.  "So you're an Ad Club, can you advertise yourself?" Got your interest up? Good! Any questions - give me a call or drop me a line. Details for our first meeting and more events throughout the year revealed soon. Wanna get involved beyond the meetings? Let me know.

Here's looking forward to Year Number 65 and building relationships!

Your Trusted Servant,
Silence Dogood

Guy 'GT' Wehman, President
D4 AAF AdFed SunCoast
The Advertising Club of the SunCoast

w: 941-474-3231 / c: 330-256-1538


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