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ADDY Committee

The ADDY Committee is responsible for managing all aspects of the AdFed Suncoast's ADDY Awards including award submission, judging process, securing sponsors, creative and design, event planning and promotion. The ADDYs are the only national three-tiered industry award competition where you can submit your work on the local level and it can result in national recognition.

Potential ADDY Committee members should have an interest in event planning, show production, developing an integrated theme through graphic design and copywriting and engaging attendees through social media campaigns.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for keeping our members informed about upcoming events, programs, special functions, and general news on the local level as well as the district and national levels. Not only does the committee keep our members informed via creative, social media, public relations and the website, but we also help the board and other committees stay on task.

Potential Communications Committee members should have an interest in project management, traffic and scheduling, graphic design, print production and working with outside vendors.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is responsible for increasing the cultural diversity of our membership and promoting the importance of ethnic diversity and multi-cultural initiatives within the club. We work with other committees such as Membership and Programs to coordinate activities that further the understanding of diversity for our members.

Potential Diversity Committee members should have an interest in building relationships with the local multi-cultural community, increasing our membership and understanding the various diversity issues affecting our industry.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for providing educational opportunities to members, prospective members, the public and students. This includes assisting with professional development programs, coordinating the participation of college students in club activities, encouraging student participation in the ADDYs, NSAC and facilitating the distribution of our student scholarship.

Potential Education Committee members should have an interest in building relationships with the faculty and students of our local colleges, securing guest speakers for events and promoting relevant trends and topics within the industry.

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for staying abreast of local, state and national legislative issues that may affect the business of advertising at any level. It is charged with informing members about those issues and encouraging them to communicate with their local legislative delegation about pending legislation. The committee maintains a relationship with any locally elected officials who may represent the interests of members and their business interests in state and federal government. Committee meetings are on an as-needed basis and may be more frequent just prior to and during state legislative sessions.

Potential Government Relations Committee members should have an interest in politics, building relationships with our local legislature and expanding their understanding of legal issues in advertising.

Internet Committee

The Internet Committee is responsible for the AdFed Suncoast website. Our committee members will work with other committees and board members as needed to update website content.

Potential Internet Committee members should have an interest in web design, programming and content management.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is dedicated to growing AdFed Suncoast by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of professionals in the advertising community and ensuring that current members are aware of club initiatives and membership benefits.

Potential Membership Committee members should have an interest in networking with professionals in the community, along with strong interpersonal and written communication skills.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for providing informative and enjoyable events to the members of AdFed, while also reaching out to the community and prospective members to attend. We will coordinate a series of four professional development AdBites luncheons and two marquee AdNites programs featuring guest speakers from the local and national ad world. The 3rd annual Dodgeball tournament will also be held as a fundraiser and we hope to host a few happy hour networking socials as well. This committee works closely with the Communications, Education, Diversity, Government Relations, Social Media, Internet and PR Committees to ensure the programming satisfies a wide audience and is effectively communicated.

Potential Programs Committee members should be interested in event planning and promotion, securing guest speakers and reaching out to other local organizations to develop collaborative event opportunities.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee serves to raise awareness for AdFed events, fundraisers and club activities. The PR Committee’s responsibilities include writing and distributing press releases, securing coverage for AdFed events and creatively engaging the media beyond the standard press release format. The PR Committee works closely with the Communications and Programs Committees to monitor the event and communications calendars, ensuring that all external messaging is consistent and coordinated among each communication channel.

Potential PR Committee members should have an interest in learning more about southwest Florida media outlets, developing their writing skills, increasing public awareness of the club’s initiatives and building relationships with local media professionals.

Public Service Committee

The Public Service Committee is responsible for promoting charitable projects and efforts to the AdFed Suncoast membership. Our primary objective this year is to identify a local non-profit in need and develop a meaningful campaign to promote and encourage giving of time, talent and treasure.

Potential Public Service Committee members should be interested in charitable endeavors, non-profit outreach and developing volunteer opportunities for our members.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee is responsible for promoting club events and initiatives across a variety of social media outlets - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Participation on this committee allows you to take a hands-on role in crafting our online messaging.

Potential Social Media Committee members should have an interest in social media strategy, content curation and creation, online copywriting and tracking analytics.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for providing mutually valuable opportunities for our members and our sponsors. AdFed’s success relies on the support of community individuals and businesses to offer relevant and compelling programming combined with networking and of course, fun!

Potential Sponsorship Committee members should have an interest in building relationships with local community businesses, securing sponsors and developing successful fundraising initiatives.

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