Executive Committee

board member - Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan - Secretary

Day Job: Interactive Producer/Account Director, Miles

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board member - Nairn Gillet

Nairn Gillet - Treasurer Government Relations

Day Job: Research Interviewer/Part-Time Quality Guru: Nielsen Scarborough

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Directors and Committee Chairs

board member - Brittany White

Brittany White - Education

Day Job: UX Designer, atLarge, Inc.

board member - Shane Hughes

Shane Hughes - Communications

Day Job: Creative Director, Michael Saunders & Company 

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board member - Steven Schrier

Steven Schrier - Programs

Day Job: CommuniPak Group, President

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board member - Peter Baxter

Peter Baxter - Finance

Day Job: The Business Solution Group

board member - Deborah Carr

Deborah Carr - Addys

Day Job: Looking for my next great adventure - could be enticed to join a great team.

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