Board of Directors

Lee Gaines - Treasurer, Addy Committee

board member - Lee Gaines

Day Job: PHP Developer, Accrisoft Corporation

Alma Mater:  Keiser University

Skills & Expertise:  Web Design, PHP Programming, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Premier, "Getting It"

Where you’ll find me at 5:30pm: Doing something geek centric for certain.

My superpower: Always being right. Just ask anybody who knows me. ;-)

Loves: My Larry. Getting a phone call from my son in the Air Force. A night on the town. A well crafted ale.

Hates: Paper. While I love a well designed piece of ephemera I hate paper coming into my house (mailbox spam, things that need to be signed, things I have to keep for for 7 years).

Why you should join AdFed: What's not to like about meeting and networking with fellow creatives?

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