Board of Directors

Marianne Sibille - VP & Internet Chair

board member - Marianne Sibille

Hi, I’m Marianne. I love what I do, which is to bring beauty back to the web. My goal is to design high-quality products that are functional and inspirational to society.

Marianne creates innovative brand strategies and amazing customer experiences across all platforms. For the past 15 years, she’s worked in the tourism and retail industry, delivering world-class digital experiences to consumers around the world—performing at the expert level through all phases of the creative process for online (up to 10,000+ page websites) and print products (64 to 300+ page magazines).

With more than 40-plus awards (Addy to IAC, Amy to HSMAI, and WMAs) and 50-plus website launches from start to finish, she has done major overhaul redesign for websites—starting from UX, visual design, content ideation, and production.

Currently, Marianne and her husband run an agile app and web development studio that works with agencies and startups. helps advertising and marketing agencies develop and program their big ideas. 

In what little free time she has, she launched her first children's book The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose, published in Bulgarian and English.

Marianne is a native of Caracas, Venezuela—half Dutch, half Venezuelan, with her heart in Varna, Bulgaria.